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It's time to begin your Jasper Journey!

Hello, and welcome to Jasper!

We know you’re just as eager as we are to get your project started. Now it is time to begin the ‘L’ step of the ‘BUILD-IT’ process: Laying the groundwork!

This is the pre-construction phase in our process, and perhaps the most critical step to your project running seamlessly. Our project manager is hard at work making sure that we have everything we need on site, and ready to go so that we can keep the ball rolling throughout the course of construction. Jasper’s goal is to minimize client’s time out of the home while under construction. We do this by completing a comprehensive pre-construction checklist.

Where do you come in during this part of the process? We need to know all your selections from tile in your bathroom, to paint in the office. We know, this is a daunting task! We’ve provided a list of Jasper vetted designers if you’re not already partnered with one who can help you during this step of the process. Keep in mind - selections are what make your space feel like home!


Let's get started!

It's time to build a brighter future.

Welcome to Jasper!

What's next?

If you haven’t already, you will soon receive a list of selections to be made for your project. This includes things like tile, lighting fixtures, paint colors, etc. We’ve taken the liberty of creating this guide to selections to help make this step of the process painless for you. This packet is broken down into sections. For example, let’s say you’re renovating a bathroom – you’ll need to select plumbing fixtures, tile, wall covering, lighting fixtures, etc. You would then go to the section titled “Plumbing Fixtures” to learn more about that selection. Also provided in each section is Jasper recommended places to shop for these selections.


Selections and where to shop!

What do you need to do?

Shop around, choose your selections, and provide your list of selections to your project manager. This can be completed via email or through Builder Trend. They’ll take care of the rest!

Why does Jasper order these selections?

Not only does it take the stress off you, but it also allows us to cover any warranty issues you may have. If an item is purchased by the client, Jasper may handle the installation, however this item will NOT be covered under the Jasper one-year builder’s warranty. Most of these vendors have partnered with Jasper and a builder’s discount is applied to any items we order!

Your Selections

01. Lighting Fixtures

02. Plumbing Fixtures

03. Hardware

04. Stone/Solid Surface

05. Tile & Grout

06. Paint & Wallcovering

07. Flooring

08. Interior Doors

09. Vanities

10. Glass

11. Fireplace

12. Custom Casework

13. Cabinets

14. Interior Trim & Molding

15. Windows & Doors

16. Roofing

Here is a list of selection categories. Click the link above to download our selections guide, packed with information on where to shop or click each selection below for an individualized list per category!


Your Pre-Construction Team

Sabrina Ventrano

Project Manager

(518) 450-9794


Matt Embry

Project Manager

(615) 987-5579‬


Clayton Patterson

Project Manager

(425) 375-6659‬